How to bookmark and view folders

With Markfolder, you can bookmark tweets and organise them with folders. For now you can only bookmark using Chrome or Firefox browsers. Support for more browsers and mobile apps are coming soon.

Installing the Markfolder Browser Extension

If you haven't installed the Markfolder extension, please install it first:

For Chrome users: Adding Markfolder to your toolbar

After installing the Markfolder extension on Chrome, the Markfolder button will be hidden behind a "jigsaw puzzle" icon on your browser.

You'll need to pin the Markfolder button so it'll be accessible to the right of your address bar. Here's how to pin the Markfolder button:

  1. Click the Extensions button (the jigsaw puzzle icon)
  2. Next to Markfolder, click the pin button
Image showing where the puzzle icon is and how to pin Markfolder

You'll should now see the Markfolder button to the right of your address bar.

Image showing where the Markfolder icon is

Bookmarking a tweet

When you're a tweet that you'd like to bookmark, first click the tweet to load it on its own page (you'll see the address as

Image showing Twitter url

Then click the Markfolder button to bookmark it.

Click "Save bookmark" to save it to the selected folder (it remembers the last folder you used), or select a different folder before saving.

You'll be notified that the tweet has been saved.

Animation showing how to create a new folder in Markfolder.

Try it out now: open this tweet in a new tab and bookmark it to your "Bookmarks" folder. Return to this tab when you're done. (You can delete the bookmark later.)

Bookmarking to a new folder

You can also create a folder to save the tweet to, by selecting "Create new folder..." , typing in the new folder's name, and then clicking "Save bookmark".

Animation showing how to create a new folder in Markfolder.

Viewing your bookmarks

All your bookmarks can be access in the menu under your name.

Image showing where Markfolder's folders are.

By default, this will take you to the last folder you bookmarked to

Where are my folders?

You will find your list of folders by clicking the folder title in the header, next to the Markfolder logo.

Image showing where Markfolder's folders are.

Viewing the full tweet

To view the bookmarked tweet on, just click this link in the bookmark (circled red):

Image showing where Markfolder's folders are.

Deleting the bookmark

To delete the bookmark, click the 3 horizontal dots at the bottom of the bookmark, then click Delete.

Image showing where Markfolder's folders are.

Clicking the 3 dots first prevents you from accidentally clicking delete. Click the 3 dots again if you don't want to delete.

Early access users: your deleted bookmarks go into a "Bin" which allows you to recover them if you change your mind. I'm working on the recover feature and it'll be available soon!

Questions? Feedback?

Just email me at or contact me on Twitter @farez.

Hope you enjoy using Markfolder!

-- Farez, creator of Markfolder