Better Twitter Bookmarks

Before Markfolder: Bookmark tweets into one giant list and never find them again.

With Markfolder: Saved tweets are organised with folders, so you can find them easily. Stay inspired and informed.

"Honestly, it is the first real solution I found to the problem or organizing twitter bookmarks."
-- @KoeVeek


  • πŸ”–   Bookmark from the browser extension
  • πŸ—‚   Organise bookmarks with folders
  • 😎   Name folders any way you want
  • πŸ›Ž   Weekly digest of your bookmarks
  • πŸ”’   Private/shared/public folders
  • πŸ”   Fast keyword search (coming soon)
  • ✏️   Notes and comments (coming soon)
  • πŸ“±   iOS & Android apps (coming soon)

Who made this?

Hi, my name is Farez. I have been building web apps for 15 years. That's me on the right, looking really unhappy about not being able to organise my Twitter bookmarks.

You can follow or contact me on Twitter (obvs): @farez

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