Struggling to find your bookmarked tweets?

Twitter's bookmarking feature is a pain in the a$$! There is only one single list for everything, and you can't group or tag them in any way.

We created Markfolder so you can quickly and easily find bookmarked tweets.

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Why people are signing up

I'm always stumbling on tweets Iove, and would like to keep for later use. Unfortunately there's no simple organized way to do so, and Twitter's bookmarks feature could use some work. Markfolder looks like the answer"


Actually exactly what I've been waiting for, thanks!


Organising bookmarks according to folders helps me be more efficient, as I work on social media. It makes retrieving a bookmarked tweet a lot faster. Overall, it would help me become more efficient and faster at my job


Here's how it works

1. Install the browser extension

Install the Markfolder browser extension for your browser. The Markfolder icon will appear next to your search bar ready for you to use.

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2. Bookmark a tweet

When you see a tweet you want to keep, click on the Markfolder icon to bookmark it. You will have the option to create a new folder for it, or save it to an existing folder.

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3. Find the tweet again

Imagine you have a folder for "Quotes". Just use the browser icon to navigate to the "Quotes" folder and instantly see all your bookmarked tweets.

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Stop mindlessly scrolling your Twitter bookmarks

Get straight to the tweets you need

Read and respond to tweets later

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