Maker success

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Maker success

The year 2022 was crazy.

I can't wrap my head around that:

All these things happened in a single year.

This is my promised public reflection for 2022:
9 Jan 2023. 9 Jan 2023.
Too many folks set the bar way too high with entrepreneurship. The next million dollar company. The next sexy startup.

Forget all that.

Why isn’t the goal to build something that pays you good $ every year and requires only a few hours of your time per week to make it happen?
30 Jun 2021. 1 Jul 2021.
Huy Fong's Sriracha hit revenue of $150m+ a year...with no sales team, no trademark and $0 in ad spend.

Its creator is Vietnamese-American David Tran, making the sauce's success a tale of immigrant hustle and a product that literally sells itself.

Here's the story🧡
27 Jun 2021. 28 Jun 2021.
At my startup, @usefyi we have pivoted from a document search tool for everyone to a security product used by IT people. We've also changed our name to Nira (@niradotcom).

The pivot got kick-started when someone used our product in an unexpected way. Here's the story…
1 Jun 2021. 2 Jun 2021.
You Can’t build a $5B startup without a bias towards action.

&: Patience is a virtue but it’s one rarely associated with entrepreneurship.

@Olo CEO @nhglass recently shared some lessons about how *not* doing things, or sequencing them strategically, helped deliver success.

1 Jun 2021. 2 Jun 2021.
Since selling his app business for a life-changing sum, Daniel Sim has monitored the Shopify app acquisition industry like no one else.

Here's what I learned from him about what going on right now πŸ‘‡
1 Jun 2021. 2 Jun 2021.
Every newsletter writer, or curator can and should create a map of their industry.

Not to see what there is.
Not to show what there is.

But to see the gaps.
And show what's not there.

And revel in what is yet to be.
23 Jan 2021. 18 May 2021.
10 must-read articles for bootstrappers, indie hackers and solopreneurs πŸ‘‡
10 May 2021. 11 May 2021.
1/ Build once, sell twice.

Move from selling your time to storing your effort in digital assets that you can sell twice.
10 Oct 2020. 12 Apr 2021.
To outperform, you need serious competitive advantages.

But contrary to what you have been told, most of them don't require talent.

10 competitive advantages that you can start developing today:
20 Mar 2021. 22 Mar 2021.
1/ πŸ’΅ Signals #11 - Low-Risk Businesses

Starting a business doesn't have to be risky. You can start small. Keep your job on the side. Try making $100 before reaching to $100K.

A thread with:
βš™οΈ 3 Actions
πŸ”¨ 10 Tools
πŸ“Š 4 Cases
πŸ“š 3 Resources
πŸ† 1 Takeaway
3 Mar 2021. 4 Mar 2021.
A distillation of what @ljin18 and @shl said about the Creator Economy on Clubhouse yesterday:
2 Mar 2021. 3 Mar 2021.
Fair warning, this isn’t a fully processed thought, but this screen in @userlist shows an interesting stat we’ve never had before:

For each product, what % of ALL customers (e.g. anybody who bought anything) have bought each product.

What can that tell us? Well…
26 Feb 2021. 26 Feb 2021.
How Loom grew from 0-500K users, and beyond:

[Part 1 of 2]
25 Feb 2021. 26 Feb 2021.
I like the idea of "audience audition" mentioned by @arvidkahl in this podcast

- you follow accounts with big audiences
- you check their tweets
- you reply when you have something meaningful/relevant to say
- you audition in front of this new audience…
21 Feb 2021. 22 Feb 2021.
Monster thread on Selling Side Projects!πŸ€‘

πŸ’ΈπŸ’°I've sold 5+ side projects in 2 years, these include:

πŸ€–3 custom coded plugins, apps or bots
πŸ“₯1 digital download site
πŸ“¦1 physical product business
πŸ”1 subscription business built 100% no-code
+ lots of branded domains.

14 Jun 2020. 22 Feb 2021.
Three maxims for thriving products, according to @bjfogg:

"Help people do what they already want to do."

"Help people feel successful (especially on their first use)."

"Simplicity changes behavior."
29 Jan 2021. 15 Feb 2021.
Things I learned after 3 years of building products.
20 Jan 2021. 21 Jan 2021.
πŸš€ Everyone should have a launch strategy!

I've launched a bunch of products this year. Every launch thought me something.

Here are my personal 5 must-have tactics πŸ‘‡
8 Jan 2021. 8 Jan 2021.
If you're a founder, "Demand Side Sales" is required reading (shoutout to @hnshah for the recommend!)

It gave me tons of clarity: it gathered all the loose product instincts I've gained from building @useFluent, and arranged them into a few simple, effective frameworks πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸΎ
6 Jan 2021. 6 Jan 2021.
Prediction: The best indie hacker companies in 2021 will be building tools and platforms to support the creator economy β€” the millions of people moving online to make a living from writing, videos, podcasting, teaching, etc.
19 Dec 2020. 19 Dec 2020.
1 year ago I set a goal to grow my SaaS to $100k ARR in a year. I'm ending the year at $91k ARR, pretty happy with that! No secret recipe, I just got up every day and worked on product and marketing for 365 days.
16 Dec 2020. 16 Dec 2020.
@jasonfried Q: How do you discover and validate your ideas and how do you assess if an idea is worth executing? #askJF
- @hiasinho

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10 Dec 2020. 12 Dec 2020.
Great products are built by saying no 99% of the time.

Great teams are built by saying no 99% of the time.

Great portfolios are built by saying no 99% of the time.
5 Nov 2020. 9 Nov 2020.
Not every small bet works. Last year I spent $500 and a few days benchmarking EC2 and S3 networking, and I tried to sell the results for $10 on Gumroad.

Only sold $50. Eventually refunded all, and released the results for free.

Later, 2 different bets made $110K in profit.…
2 May 2020. 29 Oct 2020.
10 Concepts from Build Once, Sell Twice: (thread)
10 Oct 2020. 24 Oct 2020.
The Eighth Wonder of the World: (thread)
4 Sep 2020. 11 Sep 2020.
I had a chat with @thepatwalls yesterday.

It was our first time on a call - we've DM'd in the past but nothing crazy.

I wanted to highlight some of the topics that were brought up, because most of the conversation was about how hardly anyone talks about this stuff.

Thread πŸ‘‡
10 Sep 2020. 11 Sep 2020.
This summer marked four years of working full-time on my own business, which is officially longer than I was a professional programmer working for other companies 🀯

πŸ’‘ Here are some of the things I believe the most strongly about making a living as an independent maker...
20 Aug 2020. 20 Aug 2020.